Piers Morgan is a self-absorbed, arrogant, know-it-all idiot! It is one thing to have an opinion but to call everybody else stupid and saying they are “wrong” because he thinks he is smarter than everybody else only emphasizes what an idiot he actually is.

A lot of Americans are calling for the forced deportation of Piers Morgan. I am not against this but we all know it will never happen. THIS IS HOW WE CAN DEPORT PIERS MORGAN, or at least make him lose his job and hopefully send him back to where he came from:

As long as Piers Morgan is on CNN, STOP WATCHING CNN! I don’t mean to stop watching Piers Morgan’s TV show (I am pretty sure nobody watches it now anyway). I mean, DO NOT WATCH CNN UNTIL THEY GET RID OF THAT IDIOT! Call, email, or give them feedback on the CNN website, that as long as this moron is on CNN, YOU REFUSE TO WATCH it! War in the middle-east? Tune in to ABC! The US Economy collapses further, flip the TV on to Fox News. Something else happens to Hillary? Better put on BBC – but do NOT WATCH CNN!

Don’t watch CNN as long as Piers Morgan is still on.
Let CNN know
Watch the Constitution-hating idiot go back to where he came from