On any given day from a job I was recently relieved of duty (thank you God), my boss, who revealed she had an anxiety disorder in a weak moment, was unpredictable and hard to understand. Eventually, she found that I was an easy target, despite my meeting and exceeding job requirements. When the chips* were down (*sales), or if the CEO was breaking a sweat down the hall, she laid into me like a knife slicing into a hot jar of French Nutella. And the next day, everything was okay, especially if she was ignoring me. It became daily routine for me to beg the universe/the fates/Outlook calendar error to spare me having to see her, and my blood pressure normalized after she kicked out at 3 pm… and that was my work life for two years.

A few days out, and I already feel younger and alive and free.

What did I learn? Those meds must be powerful – and life is so much better when I am not force-fed the Psycho Soup du’Jour.