For those that would seek to “outlaw” billionaires.  To those that would see fit to tax any income over whatever they decide is too much.  For those that continue to vilify every successful person in the United States.  Do you people, you takers, you leeches, you wealth-redistributors, country-dividers, you shredders of the United States Constitution, not realize the folly of your greedy ways?

Your continued efforts to take from the successful, and give to the poor, lazy and “entitled” will simply drive away all of the producers in this once great country off to John Galt land.  Leaving you helpless to run what is left of the United States into the ground.

Good luck to you takers, you country-dividers, you pre-judging success haters.  I hope you get exactly what you demand.


No, I am not really a billionaire.  I’m not even close to a millionaire.  But If I was, I would have left this country that I love so much, long ago out of sheer shame.  Instead I must stay here and work as hard as I can every day just to get by, and weep while I watch you destroy what is still left.


–Via Facebook