I have no apologies for calling Cassandra Claire, or Cassie Clare as many know her, a plagiarist. It’s a known fact part of her Draco Chronicles were plagiarized, and it’s obvious that a lot of ‘Mortal Instruments’ is ripped off from numerous sci-fi/fantasy fandoms such as Harry Potter, Buffy, Star Wars, and Wheel of Time, to name only a few. She even self-plagiarised, using part of the Draco Trilogy in (IIRC) ‘City of Bones’.

I’m not sorry for calling her a hack. She is. I’m not sorry for saying her getting published is a nepotistic clusterfuck, because it’s Holly Black who pulled strings for her with Simon and Schuster (because HB read the plagiarism-filled ‘Draco Trilogy’ and liked it). I’m not sorry for saying she doesn’t do any research, because you only need to consider the amount of factual fail in all her novels to know I’m right.