• Tired of the word-police telling you what you can or cannot say?

  • Sick of all the politically-correct wackos insisting that you do what they decide is right and wrong?

  • Are you fed-up with being made to feel guilty when you don’t do something that they think you should do?

  • Do you want to anonymously vent your frustrations over the power-hungry people “in charge”?

If you said YES to any of these questions then you need to UNapologize!


Just click the “Click to Unapologize” button or “Submit Non-Apology” to let the world know what you refuse to apologize for!  It only takes a few seconds, and is entirely anonymous.

Help & Instructions:

  1. Click “Click to Unapologize” or “Submit New Non-Apology” (either one, they are the same)
  2. In the “Headline” field,  enter your UNapology “one-liner”.  This is what will appear on the front page
  3. In the “Tags” box, type in a few words that relate to your UnApology (or leave it blank)
  4. Click to choose the most relevant category
  5. In the “Details” box, type the long version of your non-apology.  There is no limit to how long your non apologetic unapology can be, but it should be at least one sentence long. *
  6. Click “Submit” – You’re done!

    *We may slightly edit your non-apology for spelling, grammar, etc, but will never change the overall content of what you submit.